Saturday, March 6, 2010

Well, I fell off the face of the Earth....again

My how life takes turns just when you were getting comfy!

I have decided to go back to school and get my masters. So, this means that the last month or so have been spent studying for the GRE (Graduated Re-entrance Exam) which is required by most schools to apply for grad school. Wow, I had not studied things like Algebra, Geometry, and Standard Deviation in a while so my time was spent every night trying to unearth those things in my brain...some of which I wasn't very good at the first time I learned it.

I admit, it was difficult, in fact I can think of dozens of things I would rather do that take that exam again....things like go to the dentist, do 100 loads of laundry, etc. But hey, it is done and while I did not do stellar, I at least got into my graduate program and will probably begin this summer taking statistics....oh boy, doesn't that sound like fun??!! But truly, I am excited to get started and I figure I might as well get that class out of the way first before I get into the fun stuff.

In studying for the GRE, I was nervous. I prayed for help to take the test, I even got a special blessing from the priesthood at my church to help me think clearer and remember the things I had learned, etc. And while I think I did okay on the questions I answered, my problem was speed...I just wasn't fast enough. I could not get all the questions done in the amount of time given.....not to mention I had not taken a standardized test in 20 years. (20 years??? Is that possible??) However, as it usually works out, while I prayed for a good test score, what I got wasn't that (or at least not what I wanted to get). However, by talking to a different professor and changing my focus to a different area within my grad program that is a better fit, that professor accepted me into the program and said I did not have to take the test again. So, my prayers were answered with a better answer than a good test score, instead, I just got into the program I wanted.

So, remember that Heavenly Father is the big air traffic controller in the sky. He can see down our path farther than we can and he almost always blesses us with something better than we were even asking for or expected.

I will try to do better about posting....but its a SUPER BUSY YEAR and with my masters starting soon, I make no promises but to try to do better.

Be beautiful!


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