Monday, June 15, 2009

Feedback--How do you welcome people?

Hello all.....

Life has been super busy lately and the old blog has suffered as I get pulled in lots of directions....but life is good and I like to be busy so I am okay with it.

I was wanting to know how you welcome people to your church or neighborhood? In our local level of our church, we have "Welcome" folders that we give to people who have moved into the area. we include things like a listing of phone numbers of the local church leaders, the times for our meeting schedules, calendars, newsletters, a babysitting list of teenage girls who babysit, and local information that you can pick up from your local chamber of commerce or Convention and Visitor's Bureau, like maps, things to do in the area, etc.

I would like to see what you all do. I need to add a few things to our "Welcome" folders and maybe you can give me some good ideas!


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