Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Canning Adventure

I spent yesterday canning....quite an adventure! My friend Erin and I were able to can 33 pints of pears (6 of which were pearsauce, like applesauce but with pears) and 36 pints of raspberry loganberry jam. It was quite an undertaking but rewarding and I feel like I really accomplished something. I have pictures of the final product, so I will post that in a minute, its on my phone so its not the best but it makes me smile to look at all we were able to do.

We have set a goal to do a day of canning every other month at least. Our next time we are going to do ham....I hear its easy and really good, so off to a ham adventure! Plus, it is currently pork slaughter season, so pork is cheaper than normal and I can just put it in my freezer.

The weather here is cooling off....I love this weather.

I will try to post some holiday recipes and other stuff over the next few weeks.

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