Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's Word

Happy 2010 All!

This year, my brother gave us the idea to have a word that exemplifies our resolutions instead of a long list of resolutions. You just find one word and make that your word for the year. For instance, one of my sisters said her word would be MOVING.

She is planning on moving her body more and loosing weight.
There is a possibility she may move with a job relocation.
She also wants to move all the junk out of her house.
Hence, her word for the year if MOVING.

So, what is your word?

I have been working and thinking and have not quite come up with my word yet. These are some I have tossed around...

Less (eat less, weigh less, less clutter, spend less money, etc)
Save (Save money, save time, etc)

So, I am still working on it....but I would love to hear a word that embodies what you want to accomplish this year!

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