Wednesday, March 11, 2009

High Heels Workout--You just need to bring your body

I know many of you are saying that you can't really workout because you don't have a gym membership...or weights....or an eliptical machine.....etc, etc, etc.

My answer to this statement.......OH YES YOU CAN!

You don't really need all that stuff....a small set of 5 pound weights are hand and a yoga mat for sit ups and push ups is nice...but you can also use a towel or the carpet if you have to and bottles of water or canned goods can work as weights.

They key is to use your body as your weight. I have rejoined my Adventure Bootcamp group and it has been so motivational for me and I feel so great when I workout....I want you to feel that way too. I have started to get up at 5:30am and go workout for an hour...that is 5:30 in the morning....I know, I know, its EARLY but its worth it and you are worth it and you will sleep better and need less of just stop your complaining and GO!

Here is what I want you to is a workout with just you, yourself, and I. You can do it in close proximity to your home, I promise!

To warm up....start at one end of your driveway and go to the other end
(if your driveway is 5 feet long, you will need to go longer, more like at least 40 feet and if your driveway is a mile long...then shoot for an area that is close to 40-50 feet long.

Start at one end and go to the other end and then turn around and come back...doing this as a warm up....

  • High knee steps....walking, not too fast, just stretch out those muscles
  • Hurdler one leg down and the other leg back, just pretend like the one leg is the back leg going over a hurdle.
  • Mummies-arms out straight and straigh-ish legs
  • Hiney kickers--a quick jog where you kick your hiney as you run
  • arch touch walk00with each step you touch the opposite hand to the opposite arch on your foot
  • High knees Fast-jog this time getting those knees up
  • Giant steps-basically a walking lunge
  • Grapevine--turn sideways and walk sideways alternating feet in front and back

Okay--Now that you have done that, you are a little warmed go run a little might just be to your neighbors house 2-3 doors down but jog down there and jog back.

**Back at your home base, now do 10 push ups...then run another little lap....

Back at home base, now do 10 sit ups, run/jog/fast walk to the end of the drive and back to home base.

Do 10 squats and 10 lunges, and run/jog to the end of the drive and back to home base.

Now run another little loop.

And then do it all again starting at the ** sure to stay hydrated and drink lots of does a body good!

Okay, now lets work on some arms....go to a wall on your house on the outside and do 20 wall push ups. Then, hold your arms out so your body makes a T shape and do small arm circles for 20 seconds and then big arm circles for 20 seconds. then repeat starting with the wall push ups.

Now get you a yoga mat or a towel and lay down for sit ups. Do 20 standard sit ups, then put your feet in the air and do 30 crunches (10 in the center and 10 to the left and right). Now get up and go run another little loop.

Come back and lay back down for sit ups and do that rotation again but cut everything in half, so start with 10 standard sit ups instead of 20. Try to do them faster than you did last time.

Now, roll over and do push ups....for 30 seconds, just do as many as you can. Roll over and do 10 crunches, then roll back over and do 30 seconds more of push ups. You can do it!

Okay, now lets stretch out those muscles we just used....

Sit on the ground with your legs out straight and bed forward and hold for 15 seconds, then come up and do it again, this time going farther down. Don't forget to breath!

Now, pull bend your right leg and cross it over your left straight leg and pull it in (hug it). Do the other side. Hold those about 20 seconds.

Roll over on your tummy and go up into cobra, which is laying down flat and then pushing your shoulders up...just go up to your elbows if that is all you can do, if you can go on your hands, so that and stretch out that back. Now get on your hands and knees and stretch that back into an arch like a cat.

Take some deep breathes and feel good! You may be sore tomorrow, but that is a good sign because it shows your body that you are moving and using muscles that may have been a little dormant! Stay hydrated and eat a fruit or veggie with every meal or snack.

Be fine in 09!


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