Friday, March 13, 2009

I have my hands full

Howdy all,

Sorry for abandoning the blog a little this week, its been a busy week. My husband has to work the late shift at work 2 weeks out of every semester and that has been this week! I have a great appreciation for military spouses and single parents because by last night, my little boy was just driving me crazy. So, we went to bed early so I could relax a little and have some quiet. I should clarify that we were in bed but my little one certainly wasn't to sleep early, he rolled around and sat up and was generally just restless, but he finally conked out! It doesn't help that this week I started to get up at 5:00 a m so that I could start my boot camp workouts, so after coming home from work, making dinner, and eating....I was spent! Its 8:00pm and I am thinking it would be lovely to take a nice long hot bath and tuck in for the night....but no....needless to say my kitchen is a mess. I at least got the dishwasher empty, but the dirty dishes are still on the counter. I hope I don't win the Publisher's Clearinghouse tonight and they come surprise me with a big check and film me walking in my kitchen!!!! (Okay, I might take the humiliation for a large amount of cash.....or even just an awesome pair of shoes.)

My accomplishment last night was that the living room was fairly decent because we did get the toys picked seems like it only took about 12 hours for that to happen....I said the phrase "put the letters in the bag" about 87 times as he would get distracted while "cleaning up". Poor little guy was probably thinking "but mom, this is the letter R and I REALLY like this letter." and I was thinking "I think he has put 2 letters in that bag in the last 5 minutes." Oh well, I slept well and got to sleep in until 6:00 a m since I didn't have normal boot camp today.

Today my goal is going to be to not get sick! My throat has been sore for 2 days so I am trying to drink warm liquids, take my meds, and heal! Its probably allergies that were blown in with this cold front....did I mention it went from 70 to 50 within a few hours on Wednesday and its been rainy and in the 40s since. We needed the rain, but the cold with the rain sure does make it miserable....unless you are one of those people who gets to stay inside, snuggle in your PJs and read a good book with some liquid chocolate in an amazingly cute mug....if you are one of those people....I am with it!

So, I leave next week for my scrap booking retreat so I will have some ideas and new crafts from that. I will also try to post some fun things before I go!

Stay Safe and be good! Remember to do something beautiful for yourself today!


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Stamp With Linz said...

good luck on the kitchen tonight...get some sleep, because you won't next week! :)

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