Friday, July 17, 2009

Painting and Decoupage: My latest project

I have been working on this project over the last 2 weeks and am really pleased with how it has turned out. I have this old dresser, desk, and shelf that I have had in storage and I am going to fancy it up and move it into my guest room.

We are having a college student live with us for a semester while she goes to school so I wanted the room to look nice. This dresser is from my childhood, in fact it was my dresser all my growing up years. I had a lovely canopy double bed that matched it and I acquired the desk at some point in high school from a garage sale. Its the old while with gold trim style that was HUGE in the 70s. It was cute then but now it just looks dated and it is a little ruffed up from storage so it needed a new life. I decided that I would paint it white and then I wanted to add a little more so I decoupaged this lovely fabric on the top. I really like the way it has turned out. I think I need to do a few more little things, I think I will put a few black touches on it as well to match the toile-ish bedspread. But, since I have been MIA, I thought I would at least show you what I have been doing.

I put on 2-3 coats of the plain white and then put down a layer of modge podge on top, placed the fabric down and removed any wrinkles or bubbles, then topped it with probably 3-4 coats of modge podge.

So, if a piece of furniture is getting a little tired looking, paint it and decoupage! Its so fun! (After, of course, making sure it is not some priceless antique from the Elizabethan age or something.)
Have a great weekend!

Desk before.....
dresser before (with most the drawers removed)

drawers before

Shelf before

desk painted with decoupage

dresser painted with decoupage

I will get the final product done, hopefully this weekend, and put up some pictures. It was actually really easy!

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