Friday, August 29, 2008

Recipe-Baked Potatoe Soup

Baked Potato Soup
3 cans of cheese Soup
1 Box of chicken Stock
2 Baked Potatoes
12 slices of bacon cooked until crispy (or bacon bits)
Salt & Pepper to taste
2 teaspoons of Mrs Dash
Sour Cream
Shredded Longhorn Sharp Cheddar Cheese to top

Bake 2 potatoes and cut them into chunks (like potato salad size).
Take 3 cans of cheese soup (I spiced it up and used 1 can of Pepper Jack cheese soup) and add a box of chicken stock. Simmer and stir on the stove.
Take the cut up baked potatoes and add them to the soup.
Cook some bacon or use bacon bits, about 6 slices worth, crumble and add to soup.
I also used 6 more slices crumbled up to top the soup when serving.
Add salt and pepper to taste plus about 2 teaspoons of Mrs. Dash.
Serve with a dollop of sour cream, shredded cheese, and bacon pieces. Yummo!

I think you could probably make a creamy version of this soup by using Potato pearls instead of real potatoes, with that and the bacon bits, just cut the sour cream and it could be a food storage type meal.

I also like this because you could just bake 2 potatoes in the oven while you are cooking something else and then just throw them in the fridge until you want to make soup in the next few days, then you can make it up in no time and just let it simmer a little longer so the potato is warmed through.

With the Fall quickly approaching ( I know that because football season has started in Texas, not because its getting any cooler!), I will post more soup recipes. I am a soup girl, I love 'em and I have some really fab recipes. My mother and sister used to own a tea room so we because souper soup makers!

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