Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tip--Scrapbooking Preparation

I think sometimes the thought of scrapbooking things is a little daunting because its not just putting the pictures in the book, its choosing the papers, putting the right pictures together, working on a layout, etc. I have a few things that I do that helps me be prepared when I have a free moment to do some are my tips!

#1-When you are getting your pictures developed, there are many great online developers now that will mail you your prints or you can pick up at the store. I use HEB (a Texas chain of grocery stores) and have always been pleased with the quality, and if I have some pictures that are particularly beautiful or fun, I will blow them up to a bigger size so that they can be the centerpiece of the page. Its good to get some varying size in your photos, it gives variety and you can do different things with different sizes. I also will get a few pictures printed in black and white or sepia brown tones, you just have to check that setting when you are ordering that picture, you don't need a special camera. So, in short, order a variety of sizes of photos and vary up the tones.

#2-When I have a few minutes, whether I am watching tv or sitting at my dining room table, I will go through my photos and figure out which ones I know I want to have on the same page or layout and I will put them in the empty sleeves of my scrapbook, so they are in order there ready to go whenever I am and I don't have to hunt around for the pictures, they are already grouped. So, as I flip through my pages, I can see which pictures are in each sleeve so I can figure out what page I want to work on next.

#4-At another time when I might have a few minutes, I will flip through those sleeves with just the pictures in it and I will look at the colors and pick out papers or colors that I want to use on that layout. I will put the paper in the sleeves with the pictures, and if there are specific accessories or whatever that I might want to include (sticker, some ribbon scraps, buttons, whatever) I will tuck them in there as well. To me, it makes the time when I actually am scrapbooking more fun because then it is just creativity and adhesive running wild! I don't have to stop and go through pictures or whatever.

#5-Storing stickers is in a binder for me. I have a binder with page protector sleeves in it and I keep my stickers together by category in the sleeves. I have some that are sports related, holiday, vacation, etc in each sleeve so I can quickly turn to that sleeve and go through my stickers.

If you have any scrapbooking tips, please make a comment and share the info! This is a place for you all to share techniques and ideas...we all want to have those moments where you say "Oh, that is a GREAT idea!"

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