Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Simple Craft and Easy Gifts-Legal Pad

I did this at a Stampin' Up (SU) Club night last week up with Lindsey's SU Group. We had a fun time doing it and did this plus 2 other crafts in about an hour and a half...and this one was the easiest so it only took a few minutes. This is similar to the notebook I posted a few posts ago but this one is done on a legal type pad, so its glued/gummed together at the top instead of a spiral. This is probably going to be a gift for one of my visiting teachees. I think you can buy these pads in a group of maybe 6 for about $3 at WalMart. The size on this is probably 5X8. Its easy to do, you just....

#1. Get some craft paper and cut it a little longer on top so it will fit over the entire front and then probably 2 inches on the back, so add about 2.5 inches to the length of the pad.

#2. Glue the edge on the top of the back so that it is even with the bottom edge on the front.

#3. Take some ribbon and tie a bow or knot around the entire top.

#4.Decorate at will!

I used stamps, ribbon, punched out paper, and the bottom edge has a scalloped edge...although I chopped it off in the picture (sorry!). These take just a few minutes and you can use up some of your scraps if you are a scrapbooker like me and have paper remnants hanging around.

I do these for teacher gifts for holidays and such. I also gave one to each of my Primary girls (10-12 yr old) for Christmas and had their name personalized in stamps across it. It could also be done for a Young Women's activity where they decorate it themselves. The one pictured below is a simple one but you can really bling it up if you want with rhinestones, brads, stickers, etc.

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Stamp With Linz said...

These are great gifts & so easy- I just love them!

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