Friday, February 6, 2009

A day off from work to work on the house

The weather here in Texas has been absolutely beautiful this week, cool at night in the 30-40s and in the 70s during the day. While I like for it to be cold during the winter, after spending 10 days in ice and snow for Christmas, I remember why I live in Texas and love the approach of Spring. Now mind you, it may decide to be cold again and we could have a Winter Mix visit us and it drop to the teens in just a matter of hours...but for now, I will just love this weather!

Yesterday I was off from work to work at home. I like to move things around and rearrange furniture in my house. I like the change and I like to look at things from new perspectives and use things/furniture for a different purpose that their original purpose. Most of the time, to do this, I have to make a huge mess....and I did....but I am hopefully more than half way to finished and should finish and have a clean house tomorrow. Our bedroom has been really messy...and while busy schedules can accommodate for some of that, I always figure that if I have a hard time keeping something organized and tidy, then I probably do not have it organized or set up in the most efficient manner. Hence, reorganizing the bedroom. So far, I like the furniture rearrangement and we will see how it all looks once I get stuff where it needs to go. Its a process...but one that I enjoy and they say your bedroom should be a we will see if that is how I feel once I am done!

I also went to a class on gardening! I am still a novice gardener, but I am excited about this growing season and getting started. I hope that our tax return will give us enough money to put in some raised beds and plant us some veggies. So, I will share my gardening tips with you as I take on that endeavor....see, the view is always changing around here! I do believe that there is something beautiful about growing your own food...its such an accomplishment and yummy and cost effective and all that! It also makes you feel a little more self reliant.

My sisters and I had to postpone our "cook 'till you drop" marathon making our freezer meals yesterday, but since I already had some of the stuff, I went ahead and tried out some recipes. I made the ones from Pampered Chef using ground beef. I made the basic ground beef recipes and then from that you have your choice of 6 meals to make. The basic ground beef makes enough for 3 meals. All the basic recipe is 3 pounds of ground beef, 3 onions chopped, and 3 cloves of garlic minced or garlic pressed. Brown all that together and then you separate it into 3 freezer bags and then add the other ingredients for each recipe. I will be sharing all those recipes with you shortly! It was so simple, in about an hour, I had made 3 of the Pampered Chef ground beef recipes and bagged them I made extra for a lasagna and layered that up and washed and cut up my vegetables while the meet was browning. So, in about an hour, I had 4 meals and easy prep for the rest of the week! Wahoo to that!

So, have a great Friday and a beautiful weekend! Stay tuned for the freezer recipes!

Who loves ya? I do!

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