Monday, February 2, 2009

New Look and Freezer Meals

Hello again,

As you may have noticed, I have changed the background on the blog. Lindsey told me she was having a hard time reading it with the other background, so I hope this one is better. Please let me know, I don't want to strain any one's eyes! I try to keep the background seasonal, so it will change periodically anyway.

Also, I am working on a compilation of recipes for freezer meals. My sisters and I are getting together this week to make a bunch of freezer meals together. We plan on making 7 meals for each of us. Our plans are Italian Lasagna, Smoky Black Bean Chicken Wraps, Chicken Alfredo Lasagna, Zesty Beef Tacos, Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Fajitas, and Saucy Beef Chili. Plus, we also will make homemade spaghetti sauce and wheat bread. We are compiling the lists for what each person will bring and I will post everything once we get it all compiled and will let you know the best coarse of action to take.

If you are considering getting together a group to make freezer meals, here is a list of questions to ask the group before you get started to see how everyone wants to do it. This list was compiled by Holly in my ward and they used it as a guide for their group.

1 - How much freezer space do each of us have available?
2 - How many meals will we each prepare? 6? 12?
3 - Will we do only frozen main dishes or sides as well?
4 - Do we want to assemble meals beforehand so our get together is mainly a swap? Or do we want to assemble meals during our get together?
5 - How often will we do the swap? Once/twice a month?
6 - Do we want to bring treats or have a luncheon when we do the meal swap? (This is nice to keep a social aspect to the group)
7 - How can we keep the cost balanced between all of us? Maybe it will just even itself out in the end?
8 - Are there food allergies/dislikes (onions, mushrooms, etc.) to be considered?
9 - And of course... decide which meals we'll be making, how many servings, packaging, and a date/time for the actual meal swap (1 to 2 weeks after the planning)

We planned out meals tonight on a conference call. (2 of us have 3 way calling, so we each call one other and get all 4 on the line.) We discussed meals and amounts and now Lindsey and I are compiling the recipes into one huge list so we can divey out the items to purchase. Once we get that done, we are meeting at one of our houses and making them all, so we will all leave with 7 freezer meals, 2 bags of spaghetti sauce, and 2 loaves of bread. I will keep you posted and give advice later on in the week as we accomplish this!

P.S. I found my running shoes...hallelujah! So, another high heels workout coming soon!


mandy said...

Ooh, I can't wait to see the recipes and lists! I'm going to buy a second freezer in the next few weeks and would love to stock it up with good meals!

Heather said...

Stay tuned Mandy! I have the lists all compiled, I just want to actually make them before I post them so I can warn you if there are any problems, however these recipes are pretty cut and dry and many of them are pampered chef and the rest are all from trusted sources! I just don't want to tell you to buy 25 onions when you really only need 6 or something. :) I hope to have everything up over the weekend once we have make everything.

Heather said...

And by the is that cute baby?!?!?!

Heather said...

In fact, we are getting together Thursday at Lindsey's to make them, you should just come join us! Leah is driving down!

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