Tuesday, February 17, 2009

High Heels Camp-Day 6


I am back in workout mode and have decided that I am going to run in the Blue Bell 5K in April, so I have combined my normal "High Heels" workout with a "Couch Potato to 5K" program and have High Heels to 5K! So, here is what I did today.....

(By the way, I call it High Heels in reference to the "Boot Camp" workouts that are going on now, I just call mine high heels because I am a lot more likely to wear high heels that boot camp boots!)

So, I am starting slow....

5 minute brisk walk warm up

60 seconds of jogging then 90 seconds of walking....repeat for 20 minutes (I only did 15 today because it started rainy and I tend to get a little clumsy and didn't want to slip.)

Then I did 30 seconds of each of the following...
push ups
sit ups
arm kick backs
arm lateral raises
triceps extensions
(then repeat, starting at the squats and going through the whole thing again for 30 seconds each)

Then I did 2 planks with a short rest in between, one was 45 seconds and the other was 30.

Stretch and cool down

So, I hope you can spare 20-30 minutes to work out too so it will be a fun summer season full of energy and muscle!

Do this 3 times during the first week with a break day in between to get started.

Have a great night!

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