Friday, May 8, 2009

Gifts: Teacher Bags

I made these bags for the teacher's at my son's school for Teacher Appreciation Week. They were simple and easy, just a little time consuming if you have to do a lot but really not too bad. I stamped their names on with Stampin Up Craft Ink and then did iron on flowers and dragonflies. I think they turned out super cute! They probably work out to be around $3.50 per bag, I think but you could do it for less if you use different decorations or smaller bags.

They came in a 3 pack with denim, pink, and green.

Here is the full shot of one bag.

Here is what it looked like once I rolled it all up and put a thank you card on it that I stamped.

This is just the overhead shot once they were all done.

And a front shot. The 2 denim ones in the back were for his two teachers who are with him the most so I put apples, oranges, and pears in theirs as an additional treat.

It would probably take me 2 hours, start to finish, to do all these, make the cards, roll them up and completely finish. And.....they are so cute!
I think I will make one this weekend that will be my new lunch bag!

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cpullum said...

Love this it's creative great idea!

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