Friday, May 1, 2009

Recipe: Pretzels

Howdy all....YEA for FRIDAYS! Our semester here at the university is drawing to a close and finals are about to start for the students.....which means glorious and lovely summer is almost here and about 30,000 of our students go home and traffic is so nice! Love it!

Anyway, we had a torrential downpour here earlier this week and it was on a day I took off to go down to Houston for the day but there was flooding from here to Houston so our trip was cancelled.....and since I already had the day off, I did a little baking and made these pretzels from Smitten Kitten. They are good. Mine turned out a little too chewy but I think the humidity....all 10000000% of it made it a little chewy. My only advice would be to make the little "snakes" that you roll out thinner than you think they should be because once they rise and such, I didn't have any holes in my pretzel!

But anyway, I thought this would be a fun thing for kids. My little boy pulled up a chair to the counter and stood on it and "helped" me roll out and make the pretzels.....and by help I mean that he played and played with the dough of one to two pretzels and had a blast!

Happy Pretzeling!

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Stamp With Linz said...

I want pictures! And the recipe! :) Sounds fun!

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