Monday, May 25, 2009

HFPE Idea: Summer Cooking

With the heat getting turned up and summer coming at us full throttle, I think its a great time to offer a summer cooking class for your Ladies club nights for church. Slow cooker and crock pot recipes are great because they are easy and don't heat up the kitchen. Cool summer treats like sorbets, sherbets, and ice creams help keep you cool, and great food on the grill all make good summer food. These make for fun cooking classes and poolside parties. I will be sharing recipes this week that are great summer foods and ideas for easy foods and cooking classes.

Stay tuned for great Summer foods!

Every summer I pull out my ice cream maker and experiment with different recipes. So far I have made strawberry sorbet and a low cal peach ice cream (where I used half and half and 2% milk to cut some calories). The difference between these and ice cream is texture. The sorbets are almost like a frozen snow cone since there is no cream. Sherbets use milk instead of cream so they are a little creamier but not as rich. The peach low cal ice cream, which may be closer to an ice milk, was very tasty and had a consistency more like the ice cream we made from snow when I was little. It was very good....and I can hardly stop eating it and my guests loved it....but its not overly creamy like a good quality ice cream....but it probably has more than half the calories and I have really enjoyed it. I am willing to give up the creaminess so I can save some calories and the taste is just as good. I will post that recipe soon!

I hope you all have a fun and healthy summer! Stay tuned for yummy recipes this week!

Simple can be beautiful!


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