Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Decorations-Snowmen are universal!

I love decorating with snowmen...they are cute, fun, and festive...and they are politically correct...they don't have a religious affiliation (for the most part) and they come with the Winter Season. I also love that they can stay up way past Christmas or Hanakah because Winter lasts on into the new year.
I have a small collection of snowmen and snowwomen and snow children that I add to every year. Its not near as big as some people's snow people's collections (like my frined Joani's) but I love it just the same and add to it here and there.
You can buy snowmen, make them out of socks, or just collect them as you go...its easy!
This picture is my fireplace Snow Village and the Christmas tree is just to the left.
You can do Snow Villages, Snow Choirs, or just a cute Snowman Centerpiece...just group them together and Voila! Its a collection!
Enjoy the snow! (We have so much of it here in Texas!)

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