Saturday, December 13, 2008

Craft-Part of the Gift is the Presentation

Happy Saturday to all!

This has been a busy day of baking. I am done for the day and have made 6 loaves of whole wheat bread, 2 loaves of honey oatmeal wheat, 4 loaves of pumpkin bread plus a few muffins, and a batch of monster cookies! Whew! I have been in my kitchen all day long! I probably would have gotten more done but I ran out of eggs and had to send the hubby out to get some so I had a slight delay. Anyway, these items are all gifts or things to take to parties and such that I have coming up in the next day or so. Tomorrow is my brother's birthday so I am making homemade Macaroni and Cheese for that...yummy! I also plan to make some toffee tomorrow afternoon and probably some pizza sauce for my sons Pizza party on Tuesday, I volunteered to make the pizzas homemade....its better for them and cheaper and I really don't mind. I made the pizza crust a couple of days ago and popped it in the freezer so I can take it out Monday to thaw and make them Monday night for the Tuesday lunch party.

So...back to the title...I truly believe that part of the gift is in the presentation. So, I always try to make things look nice and take some time on their appearance so that they are even a nicer gift than before. Here are some examples from today.

Please forgive the awful quality of these pictures. I cannot seem to locate my good camera so I used my blackjack for these and they are a little dark.

This picture is really fuzzy...sorry...but its just a little clear sack with some cookies in it, a silver bow, and a card that says "Jingle all the way"

A close up of the loaf of bread...

The loaf of bread...

And these are just little lunch sacks with a whole punched and some fun ribbon. I have the little lunch bag scrapbooks inside them. So simple but so fun!
So, the moral of the story is to take a few extra minutes to make the presentation part of the gift! It honestly just makes the gift nicer!
Night Night All!

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