Thursday, December 11, 2008

High Heels Camp-Keeping it Real & Cardio Guerilla Workout

Hello All--

You know, life is strange. I have REALLY wanted to work out the last few days but my body just has not agreed with me, so forgive me for slacking a little here when I should be kicking my own butt. My knee scab is doing well but its at that gross thick crusty glassed over stage of a scab and it really hurts to kneel or move it too much. I was able to ride the bike for about 20 minutes yesterday morning and it was okay, I just haven't been able to do too much else. Also, its been SNOWING HERE...which may not seem weird to some of you but its REALLY weird to us in South Texas. We have had 2 days of snow! Just to give you an idea, Tuesday it was 77 degrees early afternoon and after night fall it was 47 and then it went to 34 about 3am and started snowing. It kept snowing...then stopped and then in the afternoon, we had a snow storm! Then it got to 27 degrees last night.....brrrr.....and now its up in the 40s and should be in the 50s tomorrow and possibly 80s this weekend....Texas weather can drive you crazy!

So anyway, I have been wanting to go walking or running again but its going to take a lot of motivation for me to get out in freezing weather...and I mean A LOT of motivation.

So....I plan on getting back on the bandwagon and working out more in the next few days. I am hoping my knee will stop looking so gross and will be easily bendable soon!

In the meantime, this is one of my new workouts that I have tried and I really like it. Its fast paced so you want to transition from one exercise to the other very quickly so you keep your cardio going which doing strength training as well. Its a take off of what is called the cardio guerrilla workout.

5 minute easy warm up (I do zombie walk, high knees slow, lunge steps, grapevine, hurdle walk, high knees fast, and tip toe walk up and down my drive way or across my yard)

1 minute Jog a lap or in place
1 minute of arm kickbacks with hand weights
2 minutes Turkish Get Ups (hold weight over your head and go from standing up to laying down over and over)
1 minute wall sits
3 minutes Mountain Climbers
1 minute easy waist twisters with hand weight on your belly button
4 minutes -Run/Jog 1 minute, 1 minute jumping jacks rotating (this is when it gets hard so push it!)
1 minute easy arm curls with hand weights
3 minutes 1 minute squats, 1 minute lunges, 1 minute stair steps (find a step)
1 minute sit ups
2 minutes-1 minute of push ups and 1 minute of Mountain Climbers
1 minute easy of a plank
1 minutes as fast as you can-Jumping Jacks (GO HARD, make it count!)
2 minute cool down

They say that if you do this type of pyramid workout 3 times a week that it can do great things!

I plan on doing this more excuses!

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