Saturday, December 13, 2008

Decorations-Nativity Scenes

I love to look at all the variety of Nativity Scenes out there. There is a Nativity for every culture and Christian point of view. My church where I grew up in the Fort Worth area has an annual Nativity Exhibit where they have literally hundreds, possibly thousands, of nativities from around the world. They decorate the church with Christmas trees galore and have these nativities set up in all the rooms of the church. They even have specific rooms set up for children's nativities. Its a beautiful display! They had large lifelike nativities on down to some that the people are grains of rice....its all very amazing.

This is the nativity that I have. I also have a few smaller ones here and there. I made this primitive nativity many years ago at a Super Saturday Craft Day up in the church I grew up in. I love the simplicity of it.

(Forgive the pictures, I used a different camera than normal)

All these figures are is a block of wood, with a stain on them and then you glue on the fabric. We cut out the dresses robes, crown, etc and just glued them on. Its super simple, it just takes a while. Someday I need to make a pattern of this. I had one years ago but I have no clue where it is now. I will put that on my to do list!


rpp said...

Love your nativity! We were just up in Bedford visiting my brothers fam and some of my fam went to their stake center to see a huge display of nativities. I wish we had gone!

Heather said...

RPP--You so should have gone, that is the VERY Nativity exhibit I am talking about and it is lovely. They do it every year, so there is always next time!

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