Thursday, December 11, 2008

FHE-Feeding the Thousands

Family Home Evening Lesson on Feeding the Thousands

Supplies: Fish

One day Jesus was teaching a crowd so large it stretched out for miles. The people sat on the sand and grass. They listened and watched as Jesus healed the sick and prayed for them. In some ways it felt like a big picnic. However, there was one thing missing…food. As the afternoon wore on, more and more people complained about how hungry they were. Finally in the evening the disciples came to Jesus. They said he should send the people home so they could get something to eat. Jesus looked at the thousands of people around him. The people were so excited about all they had learned that day, so he did not want to end the teaching quite yet.
Then his disciples Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, came to Jesus and told him there was a little boy who had five loaves of bread and two fishes. Jesus told the people to sit in small groups. Jesus thanked God for giving them something to eat. He blessed the food and broke the bread. Then he passed it to the disciples so they could give it to the people. That’s when something very special happened! Jesus gave more bread and more and more to the disciples. When their baskets were empty they came back for more. Jesus put even more bread and fish in the baskets. Until finally, all the thousands and thousands of people had eaten enough.
The disciples collected the leftovers from the meal. When they were finished, there were 12 baskets still filled with bread and fish. It was a miracle!!
Mark 6:34-44
St. John 6:1-14

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