Saturday, December 6, 2008

Random Thoughts--Recovering from the run in with the cement


I haven't been chatting as much lately because I have been recovering from my fall. Turns out that I had dislocated at least one bone in my hand and that hurt. The next morning after my fall, my right hand was still hurting so I had decided I better go see the doc. So, I made an appointment and I could get in at 11am. So, I went on into work and figured I would try to get a few things done. I dropped off my little boy at school and then was driving to work when I heard a distinct "pop" sound....I thought "well, that was kind of a weird pop" and then I realized I must have popped something back into place because all of the sudden I could move my hand better and it was in far less pain...whew, did it feel better! So, I thought I would just cancel my doc appointment but my hubby and staff encouraged me to go and told me all these horror stories about people they knew who didn't go to the doctor and what terrible thing happened to I went! I really do not mind going to the doctor because I love my doctor...and when I say I love him, I REALLY do...because he is my cousin and we have always been great friends...pretty much all our lives. So, he gets is X-rayed and said that I must have popped everything back in place because it looked okay now and there were no cracks or breaks...which I figured, but its better to be safe than sorry. He wrapped up my hand in a brace for me and told me to keep ice on it and take advil and I would be good to go. So, I did and it is doing better now. It was mainly the far right side of my right hand, so the pinkie and ring finger and you know how hard it is to type without those 2 fingers...or at least with those 2 fingers bound together to make one giant finger. Needless to say, that for all my non-business related emails, there were no caps because that it the pinkie finger I use for the shift key (never took a real typing class, so that is--I am sure---the wrong was to do it but oh well.).

So, now today I only wore my brace for a little while...basically until I went o get my nails done because they did not have access to those 2 fingers. But, it seems to be healing nicely because it has only been moderately sore today as I have used it. Really, the thing that hurts the most is my left knee...the one with the big ol' alive, does that hurt? My age must make some kind of a difference because I never remember them hurting this much when I got them in elementary school. I have a big ol' scab on it now so hopefully it will heal up soon, but remember that it is a knee and it moves a lot so the healing will not be done in a jiffy, I am afraid. Meanwhile I have a bruise on my other knee and just light scrapes or small bruises in various other parts that collided with the cement. I hope to be good as new soon!

But, with all the above, you can guess that I have not worked out as much over the last 2 days...nope, I have not. I figured I better let my body recover and then I will start again on Monday. Besides, your body just aches when these things happen so I have come home from work and just laid on the couch and rested because I was plum tuckered out!

Anyway--can you believe it is the 6th of December...well, its 12:03am so I guess its actually the 7th. Christmas will be here in no time! Its less than 3 weeks away! WOW! I am getting ready...I have lists upon list of what I need to take for our trip and what not to forget and presents I need to finish, etc and I hope to not lose any of my lists before I actually need them. Having never made a cross country trip with a 2 year old, I am trying to take everything I need without taking unnecessary crap....easier said than done!

I have small gifts for him to open and play with along the way plus we have a few places that we will stop to stretch our legs and such. We also just bought a DVD player for the car...actually it comes with 2 players (one for each head rest) so he and I can both watch the movie. I don't plan on using that for the whole trip, its really more of a last resort but still a way to entertain him as we drive for 12 hours.

I also have to have my house clean before I leave. While I usually try to do that anyway, I have people who will come stay and take care of our small beasts...the cat and 2 dogs...while we are away. We can't let them starve for 2 weeks now, can we?

Anyway--tomorrow is Sunday, so yay for church, and then we will be coming home and changing into more casual clothes and hading over to our weekly lunch or dinner over at my brother's house to eat, talk, have fun...and oh the Cowboys. The Cowboys need to win every game from here on out...including the that too much to ask? And, my Fantasy Football is hanging on by a thread and hoping for a wildcard in the playoffs, if I lose, I am the pressure is on...and my key player and favorite player, Marion the Barbarian, is hurt. Total bummer.

Anyway--I should be in bed snoozing...or at least reading my scriptures or working on my Primary/Sunday School, I think I better sign off!

Stay warm!


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