Wednesday, December 3, 2008

High Heels Camp-Day 5--No pain No Gain

Well, tonight I went running (insert here my definition of running which is nothing like Muna Lee or any other Olympian or any decent runner for that manner.) in my neighborhood. It was after 6pm and already fairly dark so my hubby suggested I take Mia with know, my huge dog that will protect me (she is a Miniature Dachshund, so we are talking fierce!) ....anyway, I had gotten about half way around the block and I fell. The path must be a little uneven because I fell hard. My knee is all scraped up, I have hurt my hand, and worst of all....I ripped a hole in my cool workout bummer.

Not sure what's wrong with my hand...I don't think its broken because I can move everything but it still hurts...and of course its my right hand so its hard to write and type. I probably just sprained and bruised it...that's the old trainer in me making a prognosis.

Anyway, I thought to myself "well, I am pretty busted up so I better go home"...after I catch up with Mia who loves to go for walks/runs and just kept going until she finally realized no one was holding her leash anymore. So, we are now walking and I am evaluating my body and scrapes and as I get back to my house I thought...well, I am already messed up, I might as well keep I ran/walked another lap and a half! then, it started lightning and I figured I wouldn't temp fate any more so I went home and then got on the stationary bike and rode about 2.5 more miles. I wanted to get a good workout in...and I really didn't...but at least I got a workout in and I didn't I am pretty proud of myself for that.

These pictures don't really do it justice....but hey, its a war wound! (In my war against fat!)

And my cool workout pants...I am saddest about bummer!

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