Friday, October 10, 2008

Boot Camp--Done!

Well, I am pretty excited! As much as I have been dreading this last day of boot camp and running the mile test, it was not bad at all! I finished the mile in 7 minutes and 45 seconds...which I realize will not break any world land speed records but I jogged almost the whole way and probably would have jogged the whole way if I had known I was almost to the end. I had never run the course before so I wasn't sure how much was left until I turned that last bend. It was so much easier than I ever expected it. In high school, I DREADED having to run, we would run Old Mill Run and it was about a mile and a half and I HATED it...I probably hated it because it always hurt so much because I had those stress fractures, but I truly just hated it so I was totally dreading it today. But really, it was not so bad and when I do it again at the end of next boot camp, I should be able to shave some more time off of it! Wahoo!

I also had a push up have to see how many good push ups you can do in a minute and I did 41. I did do the girlie ones where you use your knees instead of your toes because with some back issues in the past, I am not sure I trust my lower back yet....but still I was proud of 41...those are good pushups with your hiney tucked in and your body butts in the air!

So, in retrospect...I am so glad I did this! It was worth every penny!!! They give you one week off before the next one starts so your body can recover and heal and then we go at it again!

One of the girls has been doing this 3 boot camps and she has lost 2 sizes but only 4, its not about the weight...she looks great and she has converted a lot of fat into muscle!

So, if you are looking for something healthy to do....JUST DO IT!

You know, I think my grandmother would be really proud of me. She always hated that I gained some weight in college. She even paid for me to have a gym membership for a semester in college so I could try to loose some weight. She showed me a picture once and told me about the time in her life when she was fat...she weighed....are you ready....125 pounds! The horror!! So, were right, I should have done this long ago! And oh, to be 125 pounds...I am pretty sure that is not ever going to happen...

Love ya!

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