Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Movie-The Secret Life of Bees

Its been a long time since I went to a movie with girlfriends and just soaked it in.

They went and made one of my favorite books into a movie so some friends of mine and I went and saw "The Secret life of Bees".

Its good, its really good.

The characters are done so so many ways they are perfect. The women who play the Boatwright sisters are younger and smaller than I pictured them when I read the book but their characterization is so dead on that you feel they are those people. The British woman who played May is especially poignant and gave May more personality and intelligence than I had and I liked her version was dignified and lovely.

My brother even went and saw it and liked it.

So, grab some gal pals and go see this movie...I took a hanky and used the whole thing, so beware...but they are happy and sad tears and I knew what was coming so that probably added to it.

Treat yourself...go see a movie!

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