Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Holiday Music

I posted on my Facebook page today that I was "listening to Christmas Music." and I got a few comments that it was too early and that I was a sick woman, etc....

Well, I joined a choir at work....yes, this year for our annual December meeting, they are going to have a choir perform and I decided to join. I haven't been in a Christmas Choir in a long time...at least 3 years...and I LOVE Christmas music and regret it every year that I do not participate in a choir. So, here we are. We practice every Tuesday at lunch time and its been such a great experience. There is something so nice about taking a break from the everyday grind and singing some beautiful music...and I work at a university, so we must be politically correct and all embracing of cultures and religions and such so we have a Hanukkah song, a Kwanzaa Song, a generic winter medley, jingle bells, and a Christmas song. We have only learned about 2.5 songs so far but I have to tell ya that the accompaniment on the Hanukkah song is just beautiful and I have grown to really love this song.

You know, when it comes down to it, they all carry very similar meanings. They talk about family, friends, being together, traditions, beliefs, and unity...all good things and something we can celebrate together. I think this would actually be a really nice thing to have in a church meeting that talks about embracing other cultures and being a member of the human race as opposed to being white or European or African or whatever. I know that deep down in our core, we all seek similar things and want the best for our loved ones...these songs speak to that with these lovely tones and chords. They are messages of peace, no matter what circumstances are surrounding us.

So, break out the Holiday music and feel the heart song of the holidays...even if it is just almost Halloween. I think it is a message we all need to hear and be reminded of....year round.

May your Holiday Season be one of love, kindness, and peace.

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Anonymous said...

Beautifully said! I couldn't have said it better!

You Rock!

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