Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall decorations

Hello---Its Friday and I am so ready for the weekend!
I wanted to post some more fun and festive Fall decorations that one of my readers sent me. This is from my friend Joani. She spent the weekend decorating and it looks so festive! In the shot of the table with the tablecloth, I gave her that tile that says "Christ is the center of our home." It was one that we made last year. I hope she really does have it displayed and she didn't just put it out there for the picture! :) (Just kidding Joani!)
Enjoy these pictures...maybe it will inspire you to decorate this weekend!


rpp said...

Just have to tell you how much I love your blog and love all your tips. I am ready to try a few recipes and enjoy hearing your thoughts too!

Heather said...

Thank rpp! Its always fun to know that someone out there is reading and getting something out of my ramblings! Good luck on the recipes...I wouldn't post it unless it was easy...or I would at least give a huge warning that it was hard, but nothing I have posted is hard to make. Bon appetite!

Stamp With Linz said...

The first one totally looks like your table...Joani did a great job. And just so you know, rpp is Robin- did you know that already? She's so fun.

McHorse Fam said...

I too thought it was your table. Did Joanie come to your house??

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