Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Thoughts--Straight Hair

I am a curly headed girl...have been pretty much since I was a little girl, in fact my hair is probably curlier now than when I was little. I am not one of those curly head haters who hates her curly hair...on the contrary, I love it and it has done me well over the years....especially in the 80s when big hair was queen and Stiff Stuff was a girl's best friend. However, everyone wants a change now and then and I really like some of the new straighter hair styles. I have had a straightener for years, just a Revlon Ceramic one that I thought was probably pretty good and possibly equal to those Chi's that everyone raves about. My Revlon one was getting worn out and just not doing the job anymore, so I started to look around....

Say hello to my new best friend....

This little object may not look like much but it packs a powerful punch!

This is a Chi Hair Straightener by Farouk. These things are expensive...I have never seen them for under $129 I don't think, you might can find them on sale for $99 occasionally. I have had a few hair straighteners in my time and NOTHING compares to the Chi. I have a friend of a friend who works for the Farouk company so she got me a steal of a deal on one and I figured I might as well try it. This thing works wonders on my hair....yes, it actually straightens it! This is no small task! not only does it straighten it....the straightness hold all day long. Before, I would straighten it and it would look fine in the morning but by noon I was a fuzzy head and by 5pm I was a combination of fuzz and flat all rolled up into one...not anymore.
The thing is amazing...and worth every penny. Chi, I am sorry I ever doubted you.
Its changed my life. I now can wear a page boy haircut and look in style and (hopefully) cute and know that I can achieve this hair even in Texas in July. Amazing.


Stamp With Linz said...

Hmmm...maybe you can demonstrate on my hair. :)
BTW, why is one of the topics Chicken Noodle Soup?

Heather said...

Sure! We can test it out on you!

One of the recipes is for the Ultimate Chicken that what you mean?

McHorse Fam said...

A picture of your hair would be nice to see. :)

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