Sunday, October 26, 2008

Food-My new favorite snack--apples and cheese

Hello folks--

I hope you had or are in the mix of having a great weekend. I had one of those weekends without a schedule (which is a rarity during football season but it was an away game...hallelujah!...and we won the away game so that is also a rarity during our poor "rebuilding year"...anyway, I digress) where my little boy and I had some things to do with no definite schedule and if we got a good nap in on Saturday...all the better!!! My hubbie was driving a group of students down to our Galveston campus to do some lab work down on the big ship, the Clipper II, so he would be gone all day. So, my little one and I went grocery shopping, then to the mall for a quick run in to check on a dress, then to the local half price books to get us both a good read..then home for a nice healthy lunch and then nap time....I love me a nice nap, especially when we both get one, but of course, he got one and I didn't...but I did get to relax a little so that is okay.

Anyway...I have this new favorite snack that I thought I would share...its healthy and easy and colorful to boot! Its apples and cheese. I like the tartness of a Granny Smith and the cheese is a perfect juxtaposition to the tartness. I have found these little Babybel cheeses and they are so cute, fun, creamy, and yum. I bought a whole slew of them at Sam' its a good thing I liked them...and now I want to go buy a few more bucket fulls. And its fun to open them since they come in their own little wax ball that you peel off....its fun and cheese all rolled in one!

Here is my son demonstrating...he thinks they are pretty cool too!

These are a great healthy snack! ( By the way, my son is not in a padded room, that is an inflatable mattress leaning against the wall from the company that just left. )

Oh, and by the way...I am still sore from boot camp...but that's a good thing! Its my muscles telling me they love me...its tough love!


rpp said...

I have to say that my favorite part of this post was the thought of your child being in a padded room. I don't know your children, but I know mine, and somedays those rooms would be nice. LOL

Heather said...

Yes, I have many a friend who probably wishes they had one of those...if not for their children, then maybe for themselves when the children have but them on their last nerve!

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