Thursday, October 30, 2008

Boot Camp: Sit Ups

Sit ups---they are no fun and I have to admit that I was terrible at them when I first started boot camp. I guess having 6 years of infertility treatments (you have to be really careful with ab workouts during infertility treatments because you can torque your ovaries because they are so overstimulated) and finally having a stomach muscles were shot!

We would be doing sit ups and I would be thinking "Holy Toledo--these are hard!" In fact, I had a really hard time doing a full sit up. I was better with just stomach crunches, but a full sit up was sometimes next to impossible!

Well, last week I turned a corner...I can now do full sit ups without a problem! I can cruise all the way up and down and keep going with some momentum that I did not have a few weeks ago. Wahoo!

And, I do feel like I am finally starting to loose some of that pregnancy belly I had just hanging out there. I carried my son all in the front when I was pregnant, just a basketball and then a watermelon sticking out in front of me as I walked. People would tell me they couldn't tell I was pregnant from the back but WHOA Nelly when I turned around, I might take out a few innocent bystanders! Anyway, after I gave birth, I had all this extra flabby skin just hanging around, it reminded me of an extra brain just sitting on my tummy because of the stretch marks and the way it looked. ( I realize that I am painting a lovely picture here folks....sorry!) I wondered if it would ever go away or if I could even get rid of it since it was just flabby skin...well now maybe I can make some progress! I do feel like my waist is thinner, and I REALLY want to get rid of my thickness. When I look at myself in the mirror front ways, I think I look basically the same, then I turn sideways and I have a lot more girth to me now than pre-pregnancy and pre-infertility.

My goal: Get rid of the girth!

But really, sit ups are important because they keep your stomach strong which helps with a weak back. So, just sit down and so some...then do some more the next day...then go for a minute straight and see how many you can do....then keep doing it 4 days a week and see how much you can increase your numbers. Then, do the same with push ups and work on those triceps know the under part of your arm that keeps waving long after you do!

:) And....only eat one piece of cake...I know you want 2 or maybe 3 but limit it to one...or better yet, eat some fruit...but I know that is asking a just eat some fruit with your cake!


McHorse Fam said...

Funny Heather! Good job. I haven't seen you yet but I can't wait to until retreat!!! Wahoo for retreat LESS than 2 weeks away. Privatly e-mail me what you "think" you next size is...I might have something for you..

mommy4 said...

I came across you blog somehow while getting lost in the world of blogging and I love reading it... you are very inspiring and I always take away something positive when I read your entries... thanks for keeping things real...

Heather said...

McHorse Fam--Less than 2 week! Wahoo! I will email you!

Mommy4--Thanks for the nice compliment! I am so glad you enjoy reading all my jargon! :)

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