Monday, October 13, 2008

FHE-Journal & Record Keeping

Record Keeping

Supplies: Journal

The scriptures are a very important part of our lives. Heavenly Father has commanded us, through his prophets, to read them. When we read the scriptures, we learn about people who lived many years ago. The things we can learn will help us in our lives today. The scriptures can bring us peaceful feelings and bring us closer to our Heavenly Father. In the scriptures it tells the many people of long ago to keep records. They were commanded to write things down. If they had not obeyed, we wouldn’t have the scriptures today.

We should also keep records of our lives. Today, many people call this type of record a journal.

In a journal we can write about many things. We can tell about our families, our pets, our feelings, our talents, our hobbies, our home, our friends, and our church. When we get older, it will be fun and interesting to read our journals and to see how we have changed and grown. Many people who live after we do will also enjoy reading our journals. They will be able to learn from our experiences like we learn today from people who lived before us.
D&C 21, 76, 85

Other ideas:

  • You might have a journal there to give to every member of the family so they can start their own journal and report back in a week what they have thought about keeping a journal.
  • You could buy spiral notebooks and decorate them for the activity portion of your Family Home Eventing.
  • If you have a story about one of your ancestors or family members that was kept in a journal, you could tell them the story and talk to them about what a great story it is an how we would not know the story if someone had not recorded it.

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