Friday, October 3, 2008

Boot camp Update

Well its Friday and I have lasted through another week of torture...I mean boot camp! I hate to admit that I actually feel like I am addicted to it. I feel so great when I am done...even when I can't move my arms to drive home...and I am always so impressed that I was able to accomplish what I did in the workout.

Today we did this monstrous thing...I don't know what it was called...some kind of fitness torture...where we went around the amphitheater and park where we worked out and did all these different exercises...for instance, we ran up and down some stairs 5 times...okay, I can handle that...then we did bench steps, where you step up from the ground to the picnic bench 15 times on each leg, which might be harder for people like me with little short stubby legs!...then we ran to the play ground to do these leg raises...then we had to put these big rubber bands around our ankles and shuffle up and down a hill....then we did 50 lunges and 50 jumping jacks...anyway, you get my drift...oh and did I mention this was a race?? There were 10 stations of torture and it was totally exhausting, first group done wins! (My main goal was not winning but surviving.) I was breathing hard and everything was hurting. The head trainer picked our group to work out with...oh he was pushing us the whole time and he had figured out what order to do the 10 in so that you didn't have to spend so much time running from one place to another and he encouraged us and pushed us...and low and behold my group won! We won 2 coupons for free salads at a local restaurant...hey, I will take free food. But anyway...there were plenty of times that I thought I could NOT finish but I just kept putting one foot in front of the other and we did it! It was such an accomplishment especially since one of the groups had 2 trainers in it so you knew they would finish first.

Anyway, my point is to do something for yourself! Do something to make yourself healthier! I just kick myself that I let myself gain this weight and let this go on so long. I put on about 25 pounds when I was going through my 6 years of infertility, I put on about 20 when I got pregnant...I lost the pregnancy weight in no time (mine was all water weight, I had the biggest cankles this side of the Mississippi...canckles are when your calf and your ankle become one with no indention for your ankle, its lovely.). But those other pounds just hung on for dear life. I dieted here and there and would lose it and then gain it back...not any more. I know that its not about the size its about fitness and keeping your body healthy...although loosing 3 sizes would be awesome and I hope it happens...I have a story for you...

I have a cousin who was a competitive swimmer, he was in great shape! One night he was hit by a car that was drag racing down the road. It broke his bones and severely injured him. They thought it would be probably 6 months to a year before he could even walk again. But this guy was in shape...he was in excellent shape and his body healed and healed quickly. He was up on crutches in something like 6 weeks and walked shortly after that. To me, that became a testament to good take care of your body and it will take care of you!

So, now do something...start with 20 push-ups and 20 sit-ups...or start with what you can but push yourself! Then add in some walking...walk across your living room 10 times while doing high knee marches, then 10 times with a walking lunge, then 10 times walking on your tip toes. Just do something and get started! Then keep going and do more. This is not easy so push yourself and don't be a wimp! What are you afraid of? Failure? You are not going to fail if you are true to yourself and persevere! Now do it!

Oh, and sit up slouching! :) Carry your head high! You are a child of God and by golly that means you are important!

Love ya bunches!


Anonymous said...

You are on a natural high, I can tell! It's those endorphins released after a good, hard workout. I'm impressed that you did this boot camp thing - that's wonderful! I know I notice a huge difference in my spirits when I am active on a regular basis. I mostly run, but lately I have been bike riding (on a basic cruiser bike I bought on craig's list) and have LOVED it! I bike to a lot of places (I put a basket on the front in case I need to pick up or transport anything). It's amazing how much fun working out can be. The best reward is that my spirits are lifted.

Stamp With Linz said...

Well done, Heather! You can totally do it & thanks for reminding me to get off my bunz too! Love ya, babe!

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