Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Happy Upcoming Halloween Everybody--

I always thought Halloween was a fun time to dress up and be creative, my sister LOVES Halloween and currently has a yard full of decorations, including an 8 ft tall spider! My husband hates Halloween, he thinks some people take advantage of the holiday to just act stupid and try to get away with things...I can understand his point of view because he has seen some examples of that behavior. I just think its fun to come up with best and most creative costume!

Most people would expect me to make Landry's costume but this year I got it easy. My sister called me up a few weeks ago and said "Does your son want to be an elephant for Halloween?" her daughter decided she wanted to be a fairy princess instead of an elephant so I said "Heck ya, he wants to be an elephant!" Its a great costume and it involves minimum effort on my part! (Wahoo to that!) My sister's husband actually made the costume...he pulled out the old sewing machine and made a monkey for one of the girls and an elephant for the other....and boy did he do a great job! This is one well made and very cute costume.

So, to the men out there who say real men can't brother in law defies you!


Stamp With Linz said...

Yes, he is one amazing man. :)

Stamp With Linz said...

Oh and Landry looks adorable!

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