Friday, October 3, 2008

Decorating-Photo Boxes & Card Swaps

These are photo boxes. I have seen these at Hobby Lobby for something like $2 each on sale. These are great ways to organize and decorate...they are also great gift boxes, just add a bow and they get some functional packaging they can use later.
I actually do use one for photos, fancy that! The other one I use for cards, I have homemade cards that I keep in here and when I need a card for a birthday or birth or whatever...I go right to this box and sort through them.
I will even admit that I did not make all the homemade cards in my box...just because they are homemade doesn't mean they were made in my home! :) Card swaps are a good way to get a variety of cards. The conditions vary depending on how your group does it but you basically have 8 people and you get together once a month and you all make 8 of the same card. You can have a theme, like weddings, birthday, or Summer fun, or whatever and you get there and then everyone gets one of each of the cards. So, you come away from there with 8 different cards for an occasion. There are usually refreshments and lots of chatting and fun, you might even make one card while you are there that would highlight the next month's theme. Anyway...its fun and its also productive!

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Stamp With Linz said...

I'm thinking that there is a very high chance that I made most of those cards. :)

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