Thursday, April 16, 2009


Howdy all---I hope you are ready for a Scrapbook tool give a way!

In honor of scrap booking week....I decided I would give away a few simple tools that I really like. So, this prize will include 1)a Stampin' Up Adhesive Remover (that I highlighted as a great tool earlier this week), 2)some Stampin' Up Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue Adhesive, and 3)a Stampin' Up Journaler marker (its has a fine tip end and a larger end...I use mine all the time!), plus a few more goodies that I will throw in!

There will be 2 lucky winners! To enter, just comment on this thread and tell me your name, favorite thing to scrapbook or papercraft, and where you are from! This contest will close at 5pm Sunday Central Daylight Time and winners will be announced Monday! (Winners will be randomly drawn! Only one entry per person please!)

Good luck!



Anonymous said...

It's me!!

when I scrapbook love to do picture layouts & fun things for kids- love your blog! Hope I win!

The Pepper 6-pack said...

It's CCOORRII!! from Waco. I love to scrapbook photos. I've done my kids, my wedding, and started my own book up to kindergarten! I have done some digital but have decided I like the touch and feel of putting the page together myself. I haven't checked your blog lately because I've been working. I'm glad I checked it out today!

cpullum said...

I love scrapbooking! My kids help me pick out pictures and items at the craft stores to scrapbook!

km said...
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km said...

I love books. I read them all the time. I want the cool glue and glue eraser and fancy sharpie!!! Woohoo!

Actually I just had to enter because I can't turn down a contest but if my name is chosen, please pass to the next worthy opponent.

Blake and Finn say Hi (or some mumbly representation)!!!


Kath said...

I scrapbook my family life, I've been scrap booking for 28 years and I am only about 5 years behind:) I do a set of books for each child and a family album. I also starting making cards about 5 years ago.

dolls123 said...

I'm learning to scrapbook vacation photos. From California


TattingChic said...

Hi there! I go by TattingChic online and never use my first name publically online, so I hope you'll accept that as my name since that's what everyone "calls" me online! :)

I love to make cards w/ stamps and embellishments! They make for a special sentiment for a friend! I would love to put your tools to good use!

I am from Southern California!

I also noticed that you have in your description about yourself a word about tatting! Tatting is one of my favorite hobbies! I love it because I can add it as an embellishment to cards or scrapping, too! I looked to see if you had any tatting on your blog, but I didn't see a label for it!

I hope you come and visit my blog if you like tatting. :)


Tiffaneep said...

Hi Heather!
You are looking great! I also enjoy reading your FB posts.
I like to scrapbook our trips so I can remember all the crazy things that happen. We are in Pittsburgh now and Scott has 3 more years still of working on his PhD.

rpp said...

How fun! I've done blog candy a few times and it's always fun to brighten someone else's day. I enjoy making cards the best!!! Have a harder time scrappin'. Thanks for the inspiration this week for it! :)

km said...

O, the agony!!! Did I win? Did I win? I just can't stand it!!!

Finn is asleep but he wishes you sweet dreams.


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