Friday, April 17, 2009

Scrapbook Week Day 4

Its raining its pouring....I wish I was snoring and taking a nice little nap or reading a good book....its one of those days where that you be the best thing to be doing!

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Here is another scrapbook layout. (click to enlarge)

This layout features some crafts that my son has done at school. The sunshine has cutouts of his hands as the rays of sun and the tukey is made from a hand print. Cute stuff!

I added the green box on the bottom to write in all the things that he loves to do and eat and just some little facts about him at this age, and then there is a picture of him at school at his table. These kind of layouts go quickly because the crafts become the design. I used die cut cardstock stickers for the frog and other embelishments.

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Tiffaneep said...

What a great idea! Kids out so much love and hard work into these projects, and as a teacher I always wonder what ends up happening to them.

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