Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Work Through the Pain

Well, I am a week and a half into this round of boot camp workouts. This is the first time I have done the full throttle program of 5 days a week for an hour at 5:30am. I can't say that it is easy by any stretch, but I do love the way I feel and my clothes are fitting better and I have lost about 7 pounds in the last 3 weeks or so....I wanted to lose 10 pounds before my family pictures next Saturday, so that is totally do-able....I hope!

Anyway, this morning we did running intervals mixed in with arm thrashers. Basically we would run about 250 meters up hill then walk down, then run it again. After that, we did 30 seconds of push ups, 1 minute of band work with forward punches, 1 minute with butterflies with bands (like giving a big hug), then 30 seconds more of push ups. We did that set 3 times, so 6 sprints, and 3 rounds of arm thrashers....then after all that fun....we still had 30 minutes of torture left so we went up to the normal area and did a bunch of other stuff...which my brain has conveniently blocked out right must have been that bad, I seriously cannot remember what all we did! Anyway, I do remember at one point we were doing sit up crunches....and we had already done a round or two....and it was hurting! So, as I was sitting there putting myself through this, I thought of the phrase the other boot camp trainer used all the time....

"It's mind over matter!" (pause) "If you don't mind, it doesn't matter!"

Meaning that it is just through it, meet it head on, go to it, and keep going....make yourself stronger! Basically to do it even if it hurts.

So, as I was doing this and probably trying not to think about how much my abs were hurting at this point, I started to think about that phrase and realized he is right. If you don't mind the pain, then it really doesn't matter if it hurts, you just keep going. I think there are a lot of things in life that are the same way...we may shy away from it because it may cause us pain...emotional or physical. But those are also pains that we have to work through....and we get stronger when we do.

I have kind of always had a paranoia about people I love dying...and although I know that there is a Heaven and that Families can be together forever and that I know that Jesus Christ was my Savior and that through Him, we can all be in Heaven together again someday...I still fear that pain. Even with knowing all that, its still hard to imagine the pain...and heartbreaking to go through....and even hard to fathom. However, if you realize that the pain can make you stronger and you rely on your faith and you persevere to not let it beat will be stronger and it won't matter that there was pain, it will matter that you didn't let it stop you. I am not saying to not mourn or to feel bad if you are sore or depressed....just push through it, keep going, and overcome it.

We all hit walls in our life....even in a workout there are times when you feel like you are worn out....but when you push through it, it gets easier and you hit your stride and realize you are going faster or stronger than you were before.

So IS mind over matter....if you don't mind, it doesn't matter!

Push through the hard stuff...I know its hard and I know it hurts...but think of the strength you will glean from it when it is over.

Be Beautiful, People!

Who loves ya? I do!


P.S. Next week is SCRAPBOOKING WEEK! I am going to feature different things we did at the Scrapbooking retreat to hopefully inspire you to document your life!

P.P. S. For those who have lost loved ones...and if we haven't yet, we know we all will, my heart goes out to you. Its hard to get used to them not being around, we miss them terribly, we want them back...but I always try to focus on the big WELCOME HOME party that is going on in Heaven with all their loved ones who went before them....that has to be one fun party!

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