Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gardening update!

I was reading my Gardening magazine....because I am a gardening nerd....and this is the time that Texans need to prune their pear trees down to 2 blooms per cluster. It brought back so many memories of all of us up there at the good old pear tree on Glade Road thinning out the pear tree so we could have luscious pears every year......hmmmm....that memory is actually a little fuzzy....hmmm.....I am thinking that maybe because we NEVER did that, that might be why the pears were so yucky!

Anyway...I was out in the garden today gathering some of its goodness. I am so pleased with how well it has grown so far. I have taken a salad from my garden to work for lunch probably 7 times lately plus had some for dinners and such at home. My lettuces have just been great! And my radishes are also doing really well. I have almost pulled up all of the first harvest section. I had read to plant them every 2 weeks or so, so that you have a continual harvest. I also read to plant your radishes and carrots actually mix the seeds together and plant them because the carrots won't really start to grow until you have harvested the radishes. So, now that I have pulled the radishes, the carrots are getting into their growing season and I can't wait to have fresh carrots at my doorstep!

Here is my latest gardening endeavor....its an herb garden that I just planted last week. I have 2 of these full of herb seeds and I already have a few little sproutlets coming up.

This is my basket of bountiful goods from the garden today. These are radishes and Bibb Lettuce.

This is my garden after I had already harvested some lettuce and radishes, the right are my lettuce plants and the left are my radish and now mainly carrot plants.

Below on the right are my onions, the middle is the pepper plants that have baby little peppers on them now, and the far left is lettuce.

And THESE below are my wonderful tomato plants that I am SO EXCITED to start harvesting from. I have 2 yellow pear tomato plants (the 2 on the outside) and the one in the middle is a cherry tomato, I think its a celebrity 100 (off the top of my head). There was a 4th one that was a Mr. Stripey tomato plant but it died....those just never seem to work for me so its the last year I try! The tomatoes on the other plants are little green marbles and I am excited to eat me a fab tomato salad!

Aaron called me at work last night (we had a special event going on ) to tell me that we had a snake in our garden. So, I will be heading to Home Depot tomorrow to get some Snake Away. I had 3 people t work verify that it works for them and they have no snake problems when they use it, so I am going to get me some! I hate snakes, by the way.
Anyway, I hope you are all doing well and trying your luck at some gardening! Let me know how its going!
Aaron works late all this week so Landry and I will be entertaining ourselves at night. We may spend long hours walking the halls of our fav store....HOME DEPOT!
I start boot camp back up in the life gets crazy again at 5:00 am!
Love ya!

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jonandsteph said...

Very nice gardening. :) I love gardening, too. One of these days I will actually be good at it. ;) I can only seem to get 3 or 4 nice tomato plants going in a triangle of dirt in our front yard. Maybe I will have better luck this fall. (I did get a few turnips, and I am getting a few peas, right now.)

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