Friday, April 17, 2009

End of Boot Camp One Mile Run

Well, today was the end run for this round of boot camp which means we do a one mile run test. We do it at the beginning and end to see how far we have come.

I am not a runner....never have and usually the thought of a one mile run scares the beejebees out of me! I have been thinking about this run for a while now and doing some positive self thought and trying to psyche myself up for it. I even wore my favorite workout outfit and had the timer on my watch ready to go so I could watch my time...I even went early so I could stretch more and my arches have been bothering me so the trainer gave me some tips on getting them more stretched so I did that too. I was ready!

So, we started out and once you get going, those negative thoughts start coming in....for me, its hard in the beginning and hard to get going....I first told myself I was going to try to run the whole mile....then I said that I was just trying to beat my time, so if I walked a little, it was okay....and then my stubborn side said NO, WE ARE RUNNING THE ENTIRE TIME!

So, I keep going and I am doing well....I get to the .6 mark and that is where the walkers end their that is tempting because you think "Hey, I can stop right here and be just groovy!" but no, I kept going....when you work out enough, you notice that at some mid-point, you hit a wall and then if you push it and keep going, just give it 1% more and keep going, you break down the wall and then it actually gets get in your stride and you can even push at this point I was looking for the wall, in fact I was welcoming the wall because I knew I could bust through it and keep going and it would get I kept going and going and then I am around that last turn and I can see the finish of the trainers came and ran with me and encouraged me and another boot camper came and ran behind me and said "I will get behind you and push you!" (Not literally push me, but mentally) and I picked up the pace and I am now running, pretty much all out running....and I keep going and going and going and I am there.....I finished and I RAN the WHOLE WAY!

This is a big deal...this is humongous....this is awesome!

And to beat all that, I shaved 40 seconds off my last time and finished just a hair over 11 minutes! 40 seconds is a long time when you are running!!!!!

So, I was totally stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then, we had to do the push up test....we have 1 minute to do as many push ups as we can. I used to do the girly push ups on my knees but this boot camp I decided I was going to do the real full out push ups. My first push up test I did 22 in a minute....and this time I did 36! While that is not that impressive, its still a great improvement!!!

So, I am on a total endorphin high today and feeling like I accomplished something major! And, I went and weighed in yesterday and I have lost 10 pounds during this boot camp, so in one month.

I am feeling GREAT! and STRONG! and AWESOME!

So, the moral of this story is this....I would have never thought that I would be exercising as much as I am now....I never would have thought that I could be this strong.....I never would have thought that I can eat healthy and like it...I never would have thought that I could walk away from a dessert and not be tempted....I never would have thought that I could do this and I have!

Don't tell yourself you can't do something....don't tell youself that you are not worth the effort....don't think that you are weak because we all hit those walls in life and its now time to bust it stronger...defy the odds....and prove to yourself that you are worth every bit of it!

Love ya all! Happy Friday!


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km said...

Ok...I just don't understand why you think these numbers are not impressive.

1) You RAN the whole mile and increased your time by 6%, who can complain about that...I wish my IRA was up 6%...instead of...well being WAY down... :)

2) You said that 36 push ups (NOT GIRL PUSH UPs) is not impressive...yet you increased your ability to do push ups by 63%, are ya kidding me???

3) Losing 10lbs - BOOM BABY!

I all I can say is WOOHOO! Heather and congrats on a successful boot camp.

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