Friday, April 17, 2009

Craft: Men's Shirts to Little Girl Dresses!

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My friend Amanda posted these cute dresses she made and I was floored to see that they were made from Men's shirts! What a clever way to not have to sew buttons! I have sent her a message to see if she has a pattern but I thought I would go ahead and post them so you could see them and maybe figure out how to do these on your own.

You take a normal men's button up shirt.....

and turn it into a cute girls dress.....

the front buttons on the men's shirt becomes the back of the girls dress....

Again, men's shirt....turns into...

A cute dress!!!

and you don't have to sew any buttons!

I love this idea....and I would probably run home and do one if I had a little girl! I guess I should do some for my nieces!
What a cute idea! I searched around the Internet and found the tutorial for this here, it looks pretty straight forward. I think this would be a fun thing to do for a women's night at church....or even for a service project.
Happy Sewing!


rpp said...

How cute! I might have to try this!!! Tks!

Stamp With Linz said...

yes, I think your nieces NEED one! :)

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