Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Scrap booking Week Day 2--Road Trip Layout

Our first road trip scrap book page!

This layout does not have many pictures, it really just has information. This is the first page of a series of pictures from the first road trip my husband and I took together a few years ago. We drove from Texas to South Dakota and back and had a really fun time and saw much of the middle of this beautiful country of ours. I was amazed at how each state had their very own distinct personality. So, on this page, I took pictures of state signs and other items and just made an information page about where we had gone on our trip, then the following pages will have more specific information about our destinations.
Not all scrap book pages have to contain tons of pictures, I will show you some throughout this week that are packed with pages and others that have none....so stay tuned for some ideas!
For this page, I used some die cuts, some photo cut outs, like the state signs, and an actual old atlas for the map of the US. Then I put some blocks so I could journal about our trip. Remember to journal your thoughts and feelings, because in 10 years, you may not remember where that picture was taken or which states you visited on that trip!
Stay tuned for some BLOG CANDY later on this week! I will be giving away some fun stuff!
Have a good one!

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