Monday, April 6, 2009

High Heels--The Epiphany

I had an epiphany was cold this morning at 5:20 as I went outside to wait for Angie to pick me up for my workout. I actually stood there in the cold wind and thought "if Angie slept in today, it won't be so bad....I could go get back in bed!" But low and behold, she did not and she picked me up like always and we trudged on to boot camp. Mondays at boot camp are always hard, although I think Fridays are the hardest, followed closely by Thursdays......come to think of it, Tuesdays and Wednesdays can be boogers too! Oh Lawdy, what's a girl to do?! we started our cold runs and skips and such up and down the hill (that is our warm up), I thought to myself (the same as I do on Thursdays and Fridays and sometimes the other days) to just get through it....just keep moving and keep going and you will have accomplished something....I can at least say I worked out and was there...if not mind then at least body and maybe half a spirit.

But as we were moving on to the hard stuff, I thought to myself "just get thorough it" again and then the other part of my brain said( or actually kind of yelled) this to me "YOU GOT UP AT 4:45 THIS MORNING!!!!! WHY ARE YOU DOING A HALF WAY JOB, you dork, YOU MIGHT AS WELL BURN LOTS OF CALORIES, otherwise you could have just STAYED IN BED! You cheat yourself if you give it a half cracked effort!"

So, I said back to my self...."Self, you are darn right....lets burn some calories and get stronger!"

So, I did and I feel all the better for it! It was a great workout and my friend Diane even said I get the "hustle" of the day award for working hard....she didn't even know I had had this whole conversation with myself in my head.

So, there you thought for the day....if you are going to do a half cracked job, you might as well go back to bed! So , do your best and have NO REGRETS!

Love ya,

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