Friday, April 3, 2009

High Heels--Get your deck of cards!

Howdy all,

I love Fridays....they are the best....especially knowing that I can sleep in past 5:00am tomorrow is especially wonderful to my brain!

For this high heels workout, you need a deck of cards, your body, a mat, and some hand weights (if you choose an exercise like lateral lifts or something that requires weights, otherwise, you don't need the weights).

First assign each suit of cards to a specific task, for instance....
Clubs (or puppy dogs feet as we called them) could be sit ups
Hearts could be squats
Diamonds could be push ups
Spades could be lunges

Then assign something hard to the Jokers, like 10 burpees, or 30 mountain climbers....

Then do a normal 5 minute workout and then take a short jog to get you warmed up....

Then you go with the deck of cards....shuffle them....then start at the top....Whatever you draw, you have to do, so if you draw a 5 of hearts, do 5 squats. If you draw a king, queen, or Jack, then you do 15 or 20 of that item. After every 5 cards, go jog (or speed walk or run) another lap. Do that until the deck of cards is done!

Its a booger....but its a good workout!

And write down what you assign to each suit and put it where you can see it, because about half way you may forget what you assigned where.

Be good, eat healthy, splurge a little, and have a beautiful weekend!!!!


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Stamp With Linz said...

That's clever! I like it!

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