Friday, April 17, 2009

Scrapbook Week Day 5--Memorial Layout

Scrapbook Layout--A Memorial to my Grandmother

Here is another scrapbook layout. This one is a memorial to my grandmother. Some people think its weird to scrapbook things from her funeral, but I wanted to remember her for who she was and the things she loves. I included the program from her funeral but the other items will all be about her. I have a picture of her when she was little and I need to find a picture of her they way I remember her. She was lively and fun and so vibrant! She loves birds and raised them, hence the birds nest and bird house. She also played in a ukulele band so I may try to incorporate that. I also want to write some of our memories on here. this page is not finished, but the basic layout is done and I wanted to share. I love the Spring colors on these pages and I love that it is all about the things she loved.
I miss you Maw Maw!

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