Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gardening: Update

It was a beautiful weekend here in Texas and I spent a lot of the day Saturday out in the wonderful weather working on my garden. I see how so many people love gardening, its so addictive!

Here are a few pictures of my weekend work...forgive the fuzziness, my real camera's batteries are dead.

Above is my front planting area in my front yard. We had added the stones, pulled out numerous ugly spiky bushes and replaced them with....starting at the top at 12 o'clock....dahlias (they are still small), a peony (can't see it, planted it yesterday), a pink rose bush, a yellow miniature rose bush, some Salvia, some marigolds (also planted yesterday and can't see), and I transplanted some of Maw Maw's Iris's. There are also some Sweet Peas and Bells of Ireland in the back but those were also seeds planted yesterday. I have also added black mulch, which I love, I thin kit matches the shudders and gives it it helps keep weeds out!
This picture is of my garden...Top right is my Bibb Lettuce....I could make a salad! that makes me really excited! When I first planted them, they would have gotten the "most pathetic looking lettuce" award (if it existed), below that is a marigold plant, to the left is one of 2 of my strawberry plants.

Above is a close up of the lettuce, marigold and in the back are some sweet pepper plants.

The are some small onions.

And this is one of my tomato plants....I have 3 that are looking great and one that plum died on me....oh well! I didn't want a Mr. Stripey tomato anyway...I haven't had success with those yet!

Anyway--it was so fun to be outside and see the growth of my little plants!
Happy gardening!

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