Saturday, November 1, 2008

Random Thoughts: The Compromise

Does anyone else have this problem? My husband is in charge of taking out the trash. Its not a hard job, its actually quite easy....but its one of those chores that I JUST HATE! So, its his job.
However...I am always having to say "Honey, can you take out the trash, the can is full and I am trying to clean up the kitchen?" Eventually he will...but sometimes it is the next day....and then he complains "The trash it too full, don't fill it up so much." Uh, hullo...I told you last night it needed to be taken out....
So, his suggestion to make this better....get a bigger trash know the one, the big gray industrial commercial garbage can that you might put out on the curb for trash day or something. Oh yes! That would look lovely in my French Country black and white with red accents kitchen...perfect! (NOT!) And trash is the kind that gets stinky after a little you don't want it all just sitting there for days on end...much less do I want to give him a hernia when he has to take out the trash.
So, I was at Linens and Things today because the one in our town is going out of business (they may all be, I think they declared bankruptcy) and they were having a sale. So, I went in to peruse the store looking for great bargains. I didn't really find anything because the store wasn't marked down a whole lot yet, but I did find this trash can. Its my version of a compromise. Its bigger than the one we had...its black so it has a lid too, so that is a bonus...but its not ginormous or terribly ugly. So, we will see how this lovely can works out.
I am hoping it solves all our if it would only learn how to unload and load the dishwasher! :)
I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend, mine has been good so far. Its a home football weekend, so I worked this morning, then stopped by Michael's to pick up some lollipop sticks and melting chocolate for my cake balls that I am making for tomorrow, went to Linens and Things, then came home and ate, took a nap with my son, and cleaned my kitchen. Pretty exciting stuff! Then about 8pm, I got an email from my sister needing me to check my local Wal Mart for some supplies they need for one of their classes, so I ran up there and got some stuff for them and now I am back home watching tech beat t.u....its one of those games where I root for a tie because I dislike both teams...mainly because they can both beat us this year but in general, Aggies, t-tips, and red raiders carry a strong dislike for each other team wise...but I have quite a few friends who unfortunately graduated from one of those establishments and I manage to be friends with them just the same.
On a great note...the Aggies pulled off another win today...and at Kyle Field...always a good thing!
Now I need my cowboys to win tomorrow!
Get a good nights rest and have a blessed Sabbath!

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Stamp With Linz said...

Very funny- and yet fashionable! ;)

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