Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I am feeling the urge to do some canning....and I have never done it before but I feel like it is a lost art...right there with tatting and homemade bread. My family was talking about it over the holidays and we were thinking that we might all get together and do some canning because we were interested in it and some have actual experience with it and its a good thing to do! I would love to have nice canned fruits and veggies available in my pantry. With the economy the way it is and my husband having to change jobs, we have been using some of our food storage here and there and it was good to know that I had it there just in case I needed it and I think canning up some beautiful tomatoes or peaches or whatever would warm my heart and make me feel all warm and fuzzy! Once we get closer to Spring and the season is ripe, we are going to tackle canning and I will let you know how it goes.

On another note, I found these jars that I think are really beautiful canning jars. They are called WECK Canning jars and the link is http://www.weckcanning.com/docs/order_form.htm

take a click and go see them. They are fluid and tulip-like and really beautiful! Who knew canning jars could be so pretty? I will have to check their prices to the normal Ball jars and see how much they cost....I am sure these are more expensive, but I think they are lovely.


rpp said...

I know my mom canned a lot when I was a kid and it was almost a whole family affair-we all helped for days it seemed to get lots done. When I lived in Nac, I decided to try it too. Ryan and I both did it together and actually really enjoyed it. The problem is when I was a kid, we lived in ID and my mom was just telling me over Thanksgiving how much cheaper she could get produce there than here. She canned a bunch of pumpkin (after cooking her fall "decorations") this yr, and after it all and all the hours, she figured it out and it was cheaper to have bought them per can at the store. (without even calculating the time) When Ryan and I did ours, we grew our tomatoes in our garden (and I think we actually just froze those after scalding them), and we bought peaches and pears from a ward member with peach and pear trees. I loved having the canned bottles to pull out anytime and the cinnamon pears were so good! People also loved it when we gave them away as a gift. It was fun and neat to see the "fruits" of our labors though. (no pun intended, but it sure worked there!) LOL I'm anxious to see how you guys do with it! :)

Jane Eborall said...

Oooooh, tatting isn't lost - honest! Try doing a google search and you'll find a wealth of tatting out there. It's modern, it's bright but it still uses the good old fashioned techniques using the shuttle. Good luck with the canning.

Heather said...

Robyn--Even though it may have cost less to buy the canned version at the store, I am sure her's tasted better! they would be great gifts too!

I will let you know how it goes!

Jane--Its so GREAT to know that tatting is not lost! I have wanted to learn how to tat for years and didn't have anyone who could teach me...so I will go do some googling and see what I can find...thanks for the info!

McHorse Fam said...

Those jars are beautiful!

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