Friday, January 9, 2009

Craft-The Memory Game

As a child, we played the memory game a lot. In fact, my brother was always really good at it and he and my little sister would play for hours.

I found this really cute idea for making your own memory game. She just used chip board, stamps, punches, and scrapbook paper and used modge podge to seal them all. You could probably use a heavy weight card stock instead of chip board.

The link to the picture is

Here are the pictures from her site. I think you could really have fun with this and do alphabets and numbers and all sorts of things.

She just punches out scrapbook paper with the scalloped square punch and then adheres it to the chip board.
You can also use stamps for fun images.
I love how colorful this is!

What a great idea Melissa!


rpp said...

Cute idea! I would never have thought of that. Another fun thing to do for a memory game (if you want to hear) is to do pics of your kids or family or cousins or whatever and print them out and laminate or whatever. I also did the same as a BINGO game with pics of family and my kids get to learn the names of more relatives/ancestors that way too. (I had this whole cool Enrichment idea called "Turning the Hearts", Family History with a Twist" I planned out to do, but then they released me before I could do it. This was just one of the ideas to do with kids.)

Heather said...

That is such a great idea! Thanks are so clever! I eill have to do both of those.

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