Sunday, January 11, 2009

Food: Cup Cake Mini Cones

These are a cute little desserts that could be used for lots of things. I love these because they are self contained and you don't have to peel off a wrapper like a regular cup cake. I think these are great for kids. It is a cupcake that you cook in the ice cream cone and then just top off with frosting. Here is the finished product.

I had planned to make these in regular sized ice cream cones but when I opened the package, I realized I had bough "kids" cones and there were miniatures, there were 60 in a box instead of 20-ish. So, I thought I would go ahead because this is a fun way to do dessert and for people who don't want too many calories, they can eat one and not feel guilty or you can eat 2 or 3 and not feel guilty! I think these would be fun at a birthday party or a shower.

Here are the ingredients...
I took a regular cake mix, in this case it was a funfetti white cake, and followed the instructions to add water, oil, and eggs and mix as normal. Then I put a large zip lock baggie in a container and filled the zip lock with frosting.

Then you take get the air out of the bag and seal it and hold it up like this...VOILA...a piping bag!
Just cut off the tip and you are ready to go.

Just put the batter in each cup and then I took a knife and wiped off any batter that got on the top or sides, I didn't want it to burn on the edges and look yucky.

So, when I was finished, I had 60 cones filled about 3/4 full and enough left over to fill a small ramekin and make a mini cake.

Then they went into the oven. For the cooking time, you just have to watch them but mine took about the same amount of time as it says to allot for cupcakes, which was about 20-22 minutes. If you have a bunch in the cake pan, make sure you test the middle ones with a toothpick because those did not get done as fast as the ones in the smaller ramekins.

Once they are done baking and cooled, I took the frosting and put it in a ziplock, the same way I did the batter, and then piped on the frosting and it looks like a little bitty ice cream cone.

They were a hit at my party and I love that they are not messy! You could use any kind of cake and any kind of icing. You can also put sprinkles on them too.

Yummy and cute!

Hope you all have a beautiful week!

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Stamp With Linz said...

I want one right now! Darling little creations!

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