Monday, January 26, 2009

Recipe Week Draws to a close and total utter randomness

Howdy all,

I hope you are all doing dandy this last week of January...can you believe it, we are almost to February...the month of love and flowers and chocolate....gotta love that! I have to say that I always love getting to February...mainly because I am usually so broke by the end of January with the holidays having just passed and paying bills and everything that I am often plum broke by February, as is tradition...I love the 1st of February and payday!

So, how are you all doing on your resolutions?

I came up with a few more....
-I want to treat my husband like the he is the best husband in the world and not nag him for the things he is not or doesn't do. He is a pretty good guy and I love him and appreciate him so much, I hope I can show him a little more this year just how much I love him.
-I want to be more positive. I decided that I would read my scriptures this year looking for uplifting and positive things. For instance, I started going through my bible dictionary and looking for uplifting words. When I find them, I read their meaning and then look up some of the corresponding scriptures. I don't really think I am a very good scripture reader and I want to be better.

Anyway--I hope you enjoyed RECIPE WEEK! It was fun to find some of my favorites and share them with you. Let me know how you like them!

Well, my husband just arrived with dinner, so I gotta scoot! I love my some Wings N More!

Take Care All!

I hope you have a good week and stay warm. An ice storm is hitting my friends to the north so I hope you all stay safe!

Much love,


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